Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grade K

Ella started Kindergarten this past August. She is doing well and enjoying school. Just wanted to put up some pictures so you all can see how big she has grown. The pictures are all jumbled time wise, but I just wanted to get something up. I will sort it all out sometime in 2011. Kent.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We only update in months that start with 'J'

A blog post I started almost a year ago. Now I'll post it. Never got the pictures. Crimany, we neglect our sad, old blog.

Oh, this lonely blog. I say we only update in months that start with 'J' because I/we lack any other good excuse.

Ella is doing well. She is now four and talking, singing and dancing up a storm. She is taking ballet and now is in a gymnastics class. She has a bunch of fun in all of them. She is going to the Child Development Lab at Southern Illinois University and enjoys going to school. This summer she is only attending half a day, and she complains about it; she wishes she was going full days. I guess afternoons with Dad aren't that exciting.

Julia is doing well at SIU. She started here a year ago. The program has both Master's and Doctoral students, which she enjoys. It is a bit of a step up from UW-Stout. One of Julia's collegues (who hales from Kenya) has a little girl who is also four. We enjoy hosting the occasional playdate. The play clothes come out and the Tinkerbell movie goes on. I enjoy the 'girliness' of it all.

Ella and I (Kent) are starting a big adventure on Sunday. We will be driving to Montana to see my parents and some of my siblings and their families. I haven't done account, but there will be plenty of kids to play with. We will also head to Bozeman at the end of the trip to see Julia's brother and his wife along with their daughter. Ella is looking forward to cousin time all around.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ella tells her first joke

Ella told her first joke today at the table. She's been giving the set ups but not the punchline until this morning at breakfast. Here goes: Why do girafes have trophies? Punchline: Girafes don't have hands.

Our child is French.
That's peanut butter from a Nutty Bar on her nose.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Years

It is hard to believe that it is two years since we made our journey half way round the world to meet Ella. In some ways it is hard to remember our lives before she was home. Although at times (mid-tantrum - they are rare), it is a bit easier to remember those carefree days.

Ella is doing well. She is an emphatic dancer. She goes to a dance class on Saturday mornings and loves her Angelina Ballerina stories. Hanging out in her dance outfit is another manifestation of the penchant for dance. She is also big on mermaids (her Halloween choice) and princesses. The combination of the three is also popular.

This year has been a bit difficult on our family. Julia took a different position. She is now at So. Illinois University in Carbondale. It was a great move for her professionally, but since I (Kent) am in my last year at the University of Minnesota, I am still spending most of my time in Wisconsin. It has been hard on Ella as well. She has two houses - brown house, Carbondale and green house, Menomonie. I have been able to make it down there every two to three weeks. It is wonderful to go and incredibly difficult to come back. Although I look forward to the accomplishment of my graduation in May, I am really looking forward to our being able to get our lives back as a fulltime family.

We have been using the internet and video conferencing as a method of staying in touch. Thank heavens for the technology. I sometimes think what it would be like if it were still the days of letters - people were tougher then, I think.

We all hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Since Ella can't yet read, she is getting a basketball hoop, basketball (little, pink and purple) and a Wonder Pets flyboat. I'm sure there are more gifts coming, but she is doing pretty well at the moment. I will be headed to So. Ill. next Thursday. I can't wait and we will be putting up the Christmas tree and doing some decorating. How fun. Having a three year old in the house puts a little spark back in to the season.

Merry Christmas. Kent.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ella on a great Spring day!

The weather has finally warmed up, and Ella and Julia enjoyed a wonderful day out in the yard.

In this first one, Ella is eating a chocolate covered strawberry on the front porch.

Ella is drawing with her sidewalk chalks that are in the shapes of vegetable characters.

Ella dances and sings on the driveway.

Ella rides her rocking lion and sings "I had a little turtle."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ella bonka head!

Ella and I (Kent) took a trip to the Como Zoo a week ago. Saw great animals had a bunch of fun, but I'll post the video of her hitting head.

More stuff later.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All da peoples love Ella!

Oh, she's talking up a storm! Ella has always been highly verbal, and small wonder, given her parents are pretty talkative folks too.

I (Julia) must confess I am finding parenting easier and more fun now that Ella can tell us what she wants. Of course, this also means she knows just how to NOT tell me what she needs, in the way best designed to get under her mother's skin: by whining.

The Whines come in several forms, all kid-perfected, mother-detested: there's the Classic (w/w/o foot stomp); the Heap O' Bones (w/w/o dramatic flopping to the floor) and the ever-grating Slow Simmer (w/w/o full tantrum at end). I'll have to see if I can get some photographic evidence here to support my typlogies.

Other news: This spring, we've been spending lots of quality time with Auntie Heather in St. Paul. Here's a pic of Ella and "Andie Heder" riding in the little race cars at the new amusement park at the Mall of American. Sorry for the grainy texture-- I was pretty far away when I took the pic, but I just loved the looks of their faces after the ride had just whipped them around the corner.

Ella's language abilities are tremendous. Last week, I had my first parent-teacher meeting with Ella's awesome pre-school teacher at the Child Development Center. The little written report on E. describes her vocabulary as 'vast,' and notes that she 'readily contributes to group discussions.'
That made us laugh- we've been working on learning not to interrupt at home, because she does, indeed, contribute readily to conversations.
A few fun little verbal quirks she has developed (along the lines of, but nothing quite as cute as "Hepaloo," described in an earlier post):
Her toddler egocentrism and uncritical self-esteem are in full flower, and show up in proclamations like the one in the title to this post. She announced that at a party. She also sometimes announces, upon re-entering a room, "Here I am! Here is Ella!"
She sometimes transposes the first letter or sound of two words in a phrase. So she'll enthusiastically praise her Auntie with "Jood gob, Andie Header!"
With the colder and nastier than usual winter we've had, the kids at her daycare have spent a lot of time indoors, using a well-padded and supervised room at the Child Development Center called the "large muscle room," AKA the "marge luscle room." Kent says, if we had the money, he'd like to endow the U of M's snooty Carlson School with the Marge Luscle Room, and let future generations of MBAs wonder who the old lady was who donated the meeting room....